Interested in working with OLPC?

June Kleider of OLPC invited us to their next meeting  on Dec 13 to see if there was scope for SMUHSD Girls Who Code club members to work on projects with them.

One Laptop Per Child meeting:  campus of San Francisco State, Market St. on Saturday, Dec. 13th at 10 am.

OLPC San Francisco does not own or execute any projects. Instead, they act as a hub, to connect the dots across different projects owned and managed by individuals, teams, non-profits and foundations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  More details on their site at


Year Two Running Smoothly!


We officially launched our second year of the SMUHSD Girls Who Code Club on October 6th! We welcomed a lot of new faces, and have 40 girls signed up to become coding aficionados. We broke up the group between Level 1: girls who have little to no coding knowledge and Level 3: girls who can code, and want to improve their skills.

Level 1 is currently learning about loops and conditionals and applying them in Scratch before they delve head on into JavaScript.

Level 3 was brushing up on HTML/CSS skills and right now, is learning about Web app development. Their current challenge is to make a game similar to “4 Pics 1 Word” using their skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and their new knowledge of jQuery Mobile.

In addition to all of the fun coding, Girls Who Code (the organization) just sent us a care package of stickers and pins! We love stickers and pins!