Year Two Running Smoothly!


We officially launched our second year of the SMUHSD Girls Who Code Club on October 6th! We welcomed a lot of new faces, and have 40 girls signed up to become coding aficionados. We broke up the group between Level 1: girls who have little to no coding knowledge and Level 3: girls who can code, and want to improve their skills.

Level 1 is currently learning about loops and conditionals and applying them in Scratch before they delve head on into JavaScript.

Level 3 was brushing up on HTML/CSS skills and right now, is learning about Web app development. Their current challenge is to make a game similar to “4 Pics 1 Word” using their skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and their new knowledge of jQuery Mobile.

In addition to all of the fun coding, Girls Who Code (the organization) just sent us a care package of stickers and pins! We love stickers and pins!